Labor Market Outlook: June 2023


 The increase of 521,000 in employment, along with an increase of 74,000 in the number of unemployed, resulted in a total labor force increase of 594,000. The overall unemployment rate has increased by 0.1 percentage points from March to April, reaching 10.2 percent. According to TurkStat, unlike the previous two months, surveys were conducted in all regions affected by the earthquake, and revisions were made to statistical tables based on retrospective calculations.

The seasonally adjusted female unemployment rate increased by 0.2 percentage points from March to April, reaching 14.3 percent, as a result of a 361,000 increase in employment and an 86,000 increase in the number of unemployed. On the other hand, the male unemployment rate decreased by 0.1 percentage points to 8.1 percent in March, following a 159,000 increase in employment and a 12,000 decrease in the number of unemployed males. The female labor force level increased by 448,000, while the male labor force level increased by 148,000. Consequently, the gender gap in unemployment rates increased from 5.9 percentage points to 6.2 percentage points in April.

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