Quarterly Labor Market Outlook : 2022Q1


Seyfettin Gürsel, Hamza Mutluay, Mehmet Cem Şahin

As of 2021, Turkstat decided to publish the labor market statistics, which is announced as quarterly averages every month, with monthly data. However, since the sample size used in the monthly data was insufficient for most sub-data categories, Turkstat started to publish quarterly labor force statistics separately. Quarterly statistics contain richer information about labor market developments, they include data on the education levels and occupational breakdowns as well as employment at work data. Taking these features into account, Betam started to publish the Labor Market Outlook (LMO) monthly notes as well as quarterly LMO notes as of November 2021.

In 2022 Q1, employment rose by 188 thousand, and the number of employed at work persons decreased by 67 thousand with respect to the previous quarter. In this period, the number of unemployed persons increased by 50 thousand, the unemployment rate rose by 0.1 percentage point to 11.4%. Female employment rose by 123 thousand, whereas male employment increased by 65 thousand. The male unemployment rate rose by 0.3 pp to 10.2% while the female unemployment rate fell by 0.4 pp to 13.7%. According to the sectorial data, employment declined in construction and agriculture sectors. Male employment in agriculture and construction sectors fell by 37 thousand and 31 thousand, respectively. Female employment in those sectors declined by 101 thousand and 6 thousand, respectively. According to the seasonally unadjusted series, the general unemployment rate rose in all the educational breakdowns except for “higher education”. The male unemployment rate surged in all education groups while the female unemployment rate declined in “higher education” group.

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