Labor Market Outlook: November 2021


Seyfettin Gürsel, Hamza Mutluay and Mehmet Cem Şahin

The number of unemployed persons decreased by 70 thousand as opposed to an increase of 426 thousand in employment and the labor force rose by 356 thousand. As a result, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.3 percentage points (pp) MoM to 11.5%. Both the labor force and the employment level rose in September in contrast to decreases in August. According to the sectorial data, the employment level in all sectors increased. The employment levels in the services and the industrial sectors firmly increased by 218 thousand and 175 thousand, respectively. The employment levels in the agricultural and construction sectors moderately rose by 21 thousand and 13 thousand, respectively.

Seasonally adjusted female unemployment rate decreased by 0.2 pp MoM to 14.6% as a result of the increases in the female employment and female labor force by 124 thousand and 114 thousand, respectively. On the other hand, seasonally adjusted male unemployment rate decreased by 0.4 pp to 10% following the rise in the employment by 301 thousand. In September, the gender gap increased by 0.2 pp to 4.6% since male employment rose faster than female employment.

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