Economic Growth and Forecasts: August 2020

Sharp Decline in the Second Quarter

Ozan Bakış ve Gökhan Dilek

In the light of fully-released April, May, and June leading indicators, we expect GDP to contract by 7.0 percent on a year-on-year basis for the second quarter of 2020. According to seasonal and calendar adjusted data, we forecast quarter-on-quarter GDP growth as minus 4.8 percent for the second quarter.

We would like to note that almost all leading indicators decreases. There is not any positive contribution to the GDP growth either from consumption, investments, or foreign trade. Compared to our former forecast the magnitude of economic contraction declines and some indicators slightly recover. The effects of the economic stimulation policies (CBRT policy rate cuts, cheap credits provided by the public banks, and economic support programs for SMEs) supported the economy; how- ever, they are not enough to stop the GDP to fall.

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