Labor Market Outlook: May 2016


Seyfettin Gürsel, Gökçe Uysal and Mine Durmaz 

Seasonally adjusted labor market data shows that nonagricultural unemployment rate decreased from 12.1 percent to 11.9 percent (0.2 percentage points) in the period of February 2016 compared to the previous period. Betam’s forecasting model had predicted a 0.1 percent decrease for this period. We expect that the nonagricultural unemployment will continue to decline in the period of March 2016. In this period, the driving force behind the decrease in nonagricultural unemployment is the almost constant labor force. While employment losses in manufacturing continue, employment in services and construction increased. Female nonagricultural labor force and employment continue to increase faster than male labor force and employment. However, due to the strong increase in the labor force, female unemployment increased while male unemployment continues to decrease.

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